Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Even less friendly weather today (though rain has to be good considering the drought warnings we've been given lately), so it was another mostly indoors day.  Having learned from yesterday, we did our trip out early before they got too boisterous, and went to the local library, which is great.  They particularly enjoyed scanning their own cards and books (boys and machines!) DS1 as usual went for reference books - on ocean creatures, minibeasts, mountain habitats, and one on fast cars; DS2 had to be encouraged to get books suitable for his age (still tends towards the early reading scheme books, apparently forgetting that he is now a very competent reader), and DS3 got some lovely picturebooks, his favourite being "DAVE" by Sue Hendra - good for a giggle :) 
Later on, I said they could spend a little time doing some workbooks, and then lunch, followed by a DVD with popcorn (well, what else are rainy days for?).  They each have drawers with their own workbooks in, and I said they could choose whichever book they liked to have a go at (but didn't specify a number of pages).
DS1 chose a Brain Academy English Challenges book, which turned out to be pretty hard, though he really enjoyed it, and when I congratulated him for persevering, he commented that the hard work would help his brain to get strong :)
DS2 chose a Handwriting Practice book, and was thrilled to discover that after the first few pages of reviewing printing, he will be learning cursive :)
DS3 chose one of his First Dot to Dot books (good for reinforcing number sequence and fine motor skills), and completed the whole book! 
(nb The observant among you will notice that I am a fan of The Book People - I think their bargains are unbeatable & should be on every home edder's resource list!)
All of the boys were allowed to stop when they wanted (I really don't want to put them off) and I was impressed by how much they all chose to do.  DS2 could possibly have done more, but his brother's had finished (he started later than them) so he quickly wanted to play with them, which was fine - I'd much rather they stop while it's still a positive experience!
Oh, and the movie?  Toy Story 2 - it's a classic :)

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