Monday, 9 April 2012

Math Whizz

So, it's just over a week since the boys and I left school.  Up until then I was too busy to do much proper planning re: home educating them, but now I'm feeling a bit more rested & enthusiastic...
Today we signed up for a year’s subscription to Math Whizz for DS1 (age 10) and DS2 (age 6).  The website offered a trial which they both loved (had to prise them off to give each other a turn).  A lady from the local Home Ed network has organised a group of us so we can benefit from ‘school’ discount – yay!
I don’t want to be too prescriptive at this stage regarding what the boys are going to learn – not planning a strict timetable or anything – but I do feel it’s important for them to have a broad base of Maths skills (and English v. important too – more on that later).  We all liked Math Whizz the best of the sites we looked at because it’s just so friendly – nice little animations of animals & such like.  DS1 kept calling DS3 (age 3) over to look at the funny monkey who applauded every time he got a sum right in a certain set of questions.  And now the boys are actually looking forward to Maths – result! (long may it continue!)
Bizarrely I felt the need to share this ‘achievement’... hence the blog!  Now to keep it up... :s

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