Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Butterfly World

Yay for a busy day out!
We went on a group trip to Butterfly World today (our chance to meet friends and get out and about) The boys all loved the talks we were given on butterflies and leaf-cutter ants, and especially the chance to get up close with some of the other insects (DS1 even held a large stick insect... albeit gingerly)
Admittedly it was probably the wettest day we've had so far, but it was still a day out, and the boys got to jump in some HUGE puddles, so we're all feeling better for having had some fresh air :)

owl butterfly

leafcutter ants

I was looking forward to meeting some other Home Edders (old friends and new), although it was unsurprisingly quite difficult to have any kind of conversation in an environment where I had to keep an eye on my guys (particularly DS3 who would far rather explore how to open windows/ escape unseen out of the door, than look at whatever we have gone to see :/).  I even had Grandma for company (back-up), which was lovely for all of us - I think it would have been a bit much otherwise :s.  Anyway, it's whetted my appetite for meeting up with others, so I'm looking forward to the next opportunity, at an indoor soft play area where the kids can just herd and mums can sit & chat (well - that's the plan anyway).  It's so encouraging to chat to people who are on the same kind of journey... we're all exploring in different ways as all of our children and family's needs are different, but we all understand that, so there is no need for competition.  I think it's important to support each other, as we all have moments when we question what we're doing, especially as it can be quite isolating to 'go against the flow' of mainstream education.  To have friends around who understand the highs and lows is a total blessing!
Downpours notwithstanding, that was a lovely day :)

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