Sunday, 22 April 2012

support systems

Today we're having a very quiet day.  DS1 had a friend to stay over night, so they all got less sleep than normal, hence the need for some down-time.  We were going to go with Daddy to a local National Trust estate with working farm this afternoon, but the brakes on my car need looking at so Daddy has gone to Halfords instead - but I think it's probably just as well; sometimes they need an unstructured day, especially when they're tired (and I need to have a car to drive for later this week when we go out to make some new friends at a home ed group trip!)
Anyway, I've been tired too - I am absolutely LOVING having the boys at home, but haven't had much of a break - and it's got me thinking about the need for a support system.  Hubby and I were totally in agreement about home educating the boys, and it had been mentioned that I'd probably need some kind of 'time-off arrangement', although we haven't yet pinned down what that would look like in practice.  We're only really a week in, and already I'm seeing how valuable it could be, especially as two of mine are quite young and need considerable input from me - so I'm just wondering: if there are any other home ed mums out there reading this, how do you cope with being 'on-call' 24-7?  Do you have support systems in place that allow you space to recharge? 
Watch this space...

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  1. At your guys ages, you need to get clever and creative. So you could use Flylady style breaks ... Set the timer for 15 mins...nobody is allowed to ask Mummy for anything in that time..have a drink and relaxing book ready before you start the timer... ( ...for anyone wondering who Flylady is.

    Also loving relatives, might like a few hours special time with your children.

    Send DS1 to friends to play, one child less is a huge break.

    Walks out on your own ( mine are with my doggy).

    Go to bed really early, for a blissful long read before sleep.

    Start an exercise program, being fit is really helpful when chasing kids all day you need a marathon runners strengthen, exercise programs like interval running or dance program's, strength workouts, turn you in to super charged energy Mum...great feeling when you are fitter than the kids, not to be underestimated as Home educating is high energy job with basically no down time (except for sneaky ones mentioned above).

    Send boys off for a Daddy special time day out, then don't you dare do housework. Long bath and reruns of Downton Abbey allowed.

    I know 360 looks expensive, but places like this are invaluable down time for you, to sit for a few minutes knowing the kids are safe and watch them play. So consider a few trips to these places are time for you to switch off your entertaining kids head.

    As you can see I can't suggest a regular daily Mum rest time, like when kids are in school, it just doesn't work like that. If you ever get to screaming point, just call a home ed friend and have a chat, that's another mini break. :-)))

    I would love to hear if anyone has found a way for regular breaks with Home eding little kids.