Friday, 13 April 2012

Sergeant Major resists eviction

OK, so I may have been a bit optimistic/ naive/ just plain daft to think that I could get rid of my bossy alter-ego so easily... it's been one of those days (sigh).
Acutally, on the whole it's been a lovely day - we went to visit some lovely friends in the morning & all had a thoroughly good time :)  The weather's been great, so the boys had some time playing in the garden this afternoon, even more happily for me because no intervention was needed from Mum-the-referee (another resented alter-ego... do ALL parents have split personalities?)
The main problem arose when I thought "ooh, they're playing quietly, I could get some housework done". I know, you're all shouting "rookie mistake!!!"  Well - maybe not shouting: that's just my stress-levels talking.  But anyway, that's what I did :/
So, the next hour consisted of Sergeant Major shouting "Get down!" (to DS3, balanced precariously on a bench); "Stop winding him up" (mentioning no names); "Have you finished yet?" (to DS1 who was actually doing a great (if slow) job, tidying his mess); "NO!" (to DS 3 who was swinging a broom dangerously close to the TV... 'I'm helping Mummy')  By the way, Good Parenting gurus say that one shouldn't use the word "no" to a child, they should offer a positive alternative, but if I took the time in the type of scenario mentioned above to say, "sweetie, please would you put the broom down and move away from the TV?", by the time I got as far as the second word, the broom handle would already be through the TV, glass on the floor and all...
So I guess Sergeant Major has her uses on occasion - and for all other scenarios, well if I was a perfect Mummy, no-one would want to read this blog (I know I wouldn't).  Let's just say the stress levels are still dropping, and the more relaxed version of me is having the upper hand at most times ;)

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