Saturday, 28 April 2012

my favourite articles

Not being an experienced blogger, I didn't know how else to do this: I just wanted to put these links to some of my favourite articles somewhere that I (and anyone else) could find them again, so here they are...

Benefits of Home Learning (Guardian article)

Deschooling Gently (Just Enough and Nothing More)

How do I Home Educate? (An Ordinary Life)

If a child can't learn in the way we teach... (An Ordinary Life)

Imagine (Ross Mountney's Notebook)

Joyful Nutshells (Joyfully Rejoycing)

Learning to play and playing to learn (Ross Mountney's Notebook)

Lies about home education you might believe (My Barefoot Farm)

Schools Kill Creativity (Ken Robinson @ TED)

Seven Lessons I Teach (The Huffington Post)

Solutions to midnight panic attacks (Parent at the Helm)

What I've Learned about Learning (Zen Habits)

I plan to add more as I go along, and you never know, I might find a way to bookmark them so I can find them even more easily ;)


  1. Thanks for mentioning my post :) x

  2. oh crumbs, you're welcome Lisa - thank YOU! (I've stuck another one up there as well now!)