Saturday, 28 April 2012

weekend education

I am determined not to mention the weather today... am not going to say - or type - the r-word.  But yes, we are all indoors - still.
My heroic hubby has been outside for most of the day, fixing the brakes on my car, so I took the boys to visit family this morning (in hubby's car), and when their noses weren't firmly buried in their ds consoles, they had a nice chat about what they've been learning at home :) 
Once home, and this time it was DS1's turn to make some ladybird cakes, which he did with hardly any help from me...

There were more than this but we ate most of the evidence before Mummy remembered to take a photo - oops :/
Also we had a family film, more story-time, dancing, a bit of MathsWhizz, and taking data from DS1's weather station, which has just one missing component left to add - once that is completed, a photo will follow... I have so enjoyed him being able to focus on and continue a project in his own time :)  We've also checked in with the family of Peregrines that we've been following on webcam, as mentioned in "Variety is the spice of education - I think"... it's a bit windswept on their rooftop ledge, so they spend most of their time huddled together - but the chicks are already too big to fit fully under daddy's tummy (we've nicknamed the daddy 'Spike' as you can tell the male peregrine by his longer beak spike).
All in all, it's been another pretty relaxed day that felt much like the rest of the week, really... chilling out, learning as we go along... :)  I remember the days (during term-time) when we had to cram all our family time (not to mention the build-up of housework & homework) into two short days after five days of not seeing each other a lot.  It's SO nice not having to do that any more :)  There seem to be two sorts of parent: those who look forward to their children going back to school after the holidays, and those who dreaded the return to school as they would miss their children... I definitely fell into the latter group.  I can easily be accused of gloating nowadays, as I just love their company!  It's true, there are moments when I need space to breathe on my own - but over all, I get to hang out with my favourite little people all the time - so many people bemoan how quickly children grow up and move on, but I feel like Home Edding has slowed time down for us and I now get to really join them in their childhoods... how blessed I am :)

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