Tuesday, 5 June 2012

time to celebrate

OK so having posted yesterday about DS3 hitting a wall on Reading Eggs, it would appear that he has managed to pass the test at the end of level one - according to the email I have received telling me so!  Much as I would love to celebrate his early reading skills, I can't help but admit that part of me is suspicious... did one of his brothers help?  or did he actually pass by himself?  He had almost passed before, but just guessed the last few questions (they are multiple choice) - maybe he guessed right...? Hmmm, am a bit unsettled about it - but there's no way he's going to repeat those lessons now!  Ah well, we'll just have to see how well he does on the second level...
Anyway, I've had no time to look into that since yesterday, as today has been all about the street party!  There were two things that I really appreciated about the street party: one was the great experience it provided for the boys.  New experiences are always good for stimulating learning - and street parties are particularly great for learning the value of community amongst other things.  Of course, it was also a great opportunity to chat to the boys about the Queen, the jubilee, coronation etc etc, we've not done too much talking about it today - but in the run up to the weekend we did, and they are still interested, so I expect conversations to be ongoing over the next few days.  Anyway, they have now experienced two street parties - the other one being last year's Royal Wedding celebration (technically DS1 has been to three, but he was a tiny baby who slept through the first one for the golden jubilee, so it doesn't really count). 
The second thing that I enjoyed about the street party was the observations I made on a social level... we have only been Home Edding for a couple of months, and regular readers will know that socialising has been on my mind a bit - but already I am noticing an increase in confidence in my boys, in their ability to quickly mix with new people, of all ages.  It was just lovely to see - and I am consequently finding myself relaxing about it, rather than watching them like a hawk to see if they are coping.  They are more-than-coping - they are flourishing.  Happy boys = happy Mummy!

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