Sunday, 10 June 2012

Early night needed

Another busy day today... which started really early as DS3 woke up at something past 5 this morning, and I could not get him back to sleep... grrrr.
Anyway, we had a nice time with friends at our church group this morning, and another nice time with family visiting this afternoon - but by the time we had eaten out at teatime, DS3 had gone into Taz-mode, and we had to hurry to get him home.  The older boys were also on the verge of melt-down by the time we got home (but DS3 was already past the point of no return and just lay on the bed screaming while I got him into his pull-ups and PJs)  Bless him - I'm planning a relaxing day at home tomorrow!  He seemed to bounce right back from being poorly on Friday, but he really was very poorly, so I'm sure it must have taken it out of him :(
I am also very tired myself - so haven't got much more to write today.  Early night for Mummy, methinks - and then hopefully I'll have a bit more to say for myself tomorrow!

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