Saturday, 9 June 2012

Recovering nicely

I'm so glad to have DS3 on the mend... he woke me up this morning telling me that he was hungry (always a good sign).  He had some apple juice & then a couple of bites of banana - although he declared it to be smooshy, so refused the rest & ate a piece of toast instead.  I would usually want him to eat the whole banana, but the day after sickness I tend to let them go with whatever they fancy.  His brothers had been given some mini doughnuts yesterday which he had been eyeing up before he went to bed, so I had told him I would save some for him (there's no way I was giving him any food yesterday - especially as he only liked the idea rather than actually wanting to eat!)  Anyway, having kept his breakfast down today, he had a small sandwich for lunch and then he got his mini doughnuts... happy boy :)  Happy Mummy too - he's normally such a bundle of energy, it was horrid seeing him flopped on my lap all day yesterday (much as I enjoyed the cuddles, it doesn't compare with seeing his cheeky grin this morning, persuading his brothers to come and play).
So we're almost back to normal now... and Mummy has LOTS of washing and tidying up to do after the big boys were left to their own devices for much of yesterday - DS2 found the pinking scissors & having tested out the pretty zigzag edging on endless pieces of paper, couldn't resist the temptation to cut off the ends of his pyjama sleeves, and Mummy's tape measure!  DS1's bedroom looked like he had gone through every single boardgame, not to play but just empty all the small pieces over the floor!  I'm not daft enough to clear up after all that though - they need to learn the consequences of making mess, however much they moan about hating tidying-up... and DS2 will also end up paying for a new tape-measure (not to mention having to wear shorter-sleeved PJs).  I did get out to buy a new broom today though (after they broke the handle off the old one), so was able to sweep up the enormous amount of crud that seems to have collected over just one day!
This afternoon we went out to feed the ducks at a local pond (we had planned to go out for a day-trip, but we decided to do something lower-key as DS3 was recuperating - plus we had LOTS of bread left over from the street party)  It was really nice to make the most of the dry weather, & get some fresh air, although all three boys came back with wet trainers from standing too close to the water's edge... in fact, DS3 had to have a complete change of clothes as he slipped down a little bank & ended up sat in the pond!  Fortunately we always take spare clothes with us for him, in case of accidents - bless him, he's not had the best couple of days!  He's nicely snuggled up with me again now, not in a droopy, poorly way, just having a cuddle - and that's the way I like it :)

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