Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Resources

We've been gearing up for the jubilee celebrations this weekend - all the boys are excited (especially DS3, who every time he sees me getting something ready for the street party asks, "Is that for the King?"  bless him - I think he's not quite clear on it all yet ;) )
Anyway, I thought I'd include some links here to some great Jubilee resource websites, and some great books too, for anyone who's interested (I'm sure there are more out there, but these are some that we liked)...

BBC (really good overview)
Activity Village (our favourite)
Instant Display
Scholastic (has great timeline)
tes (resource for members)

Also a couple of lovely books...

Queen Elizabeth II
HM Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is a significant event in living history - I'm so glad we're Home Edding so that we can really make the most of it!  Sadly, the thought of the crowds really does put me off going to London (although I reckon the flotilla down the Thames would be awesome to see), but I still hope the boys (especially the older ones) will remember this time with pleasure :)

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