Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wimpole Hall

Well, with a view to making the weekend more 'special' for DS1 (and the rest of us), we had a lovely day out today :)
We went (not only with Daddy but also with some lovely friends) to the National Trust's Wimpole Estate, where we had a picnic in the glorious sunshine and an explore around their Home Farm.  Sunny weekends are absolutely made for getting outdoors - it was so lovely to see all the children running around in the wide open space while the grown-ups watched and had a lazy natter, just soaking up the sunshine.  It was especially lovely because there were some older girls (early teens) in our group, who love playing with DS3, so hubby and I were free to not have to watch him the whole time, safe in the knowledge that he had such loving subjects, happy to entertain him.  Such are the benefits of socialising with people of mixed ages! :)
There were some interesting moments on the farm, such as when in a pen full of young male pigs, one of the pigs was determined to mount another, who protested very loudly!  There were in fact lots of different breeds of pig, and cows, donkeys, miniature Shetland ponies, turkeys, ducks, chickens, sheep, goats etc.  Our boys particularly liked learning to 'milk', using a fake udder (made of a bucket and rubber teats).  Farms are such a lovely place for children to explore and learn without trying - we've had a really lovely day!

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