Saturday, 12 May 2012

keeping weekends special

One of the things DS1 has said he's not so keen on about Home Ed is that, in his words, 'weekends aren't so special any more'   To my way of thinking, having every day feel like a weekend day is a pretty compelling argument in favour of Home Ed - but I can see his point.  It certainly made me wonder how other HE families face the same issue.  In the case of a home-school type of structure, I suppose weekends (with in theory no schooling) would still feel like having time off - but that then by implication makes the rest of the week feel like work, or somehow less enjoyable, at least.  And I'm not sure that I want to divide our weeks into blocks of days that are more or less enjoyable than each other - certainly not if it's the presence of 'learning' that is the more negative defining factor.
For me the obvious differnce between our weekdays and weekends is that Daddy is home at weekends, so I think we need to look at ways of maximising the impact of that... if any Home Edder reading this feels like commenting how they 'keep weekends special' (if indeed they bother), I'd be really interested, and grateful for the input :)

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