Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Absence makes...

I know I was hoping I might get some 'time off' occasionally - but leaving the children with Daddy while I go to a relative's funeral isn't exactly what I had in mind...
Still, they all had a lovely time today, and I got to enjoy the best bit about having time off, which is when I get to see my boys again... there I was, sat in the armchair being cuddled by one, while another brought a drink to me and tried to tip it into my mouth, such was his concern that I might be thirsty, and the third showed me a picture he had drawn for me while I was away.  He had written a note on it, which read: "Dear Mumy, I missed you so much that if I could choose beetwen you and a lifetime suply of chocolate I would choose...... drumroll...... You"
How blessed I am :)

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