Thursday, 3 May 2012

flexible structure

Hmmm, I think I shot myself in the foot today (though not literally, thankfully)... another early start, to pick up my car (now with working brakes - hooray!), and I really wanted to get the boys out to a soft play zone as the weather forecast was to be wet all day :(  So, did I just pack the boys into the car first thing and go to play?  No - I decided that as the star chart had been working so well this week, that I would make the soft play centre today's reward for getting their daily five stars each.  Mistake.  Note to self: next time I think the boys have had enough of being cooped up indoors, just take them out to play!  Actually they coped fine - it was my attitude that needed working on the most, as frankly I just wanted a break as well, but I had to be patient and wait for them to do the subjects they wanted when they wanted, rather than running to my schedule... and then spent most of the morning asking myself why I did that!  Ah well, lesson learned :/
DS1 & 2 had finally got their maths-whizz log-in details late yesterday, so first thing this morning, they went online and had an explore.  At the moment they're sharing a computer so I think DS2 was a bit frustrated while he waited for DS1 to finish - I may have to let DS1 use my laptop in future if they both want to do computer work at the same time (which is very likely).  We also signed up to Gridclub, as they have a great deal for Home Educators - it's really inexpensive and there are hundreds of educational games on there!  So DS1 & 2 are well set up with computer-based learning, and for DS3, apart from Reading Eggs, we obviously have access to the fabulous free resource that is the CBeebies website :)
None of the boys were keen to do any work-book work today, so once we'd all finished with the computer, we listened to some music, played card games, and watched Deadly 60 on CBBC (I can't recommend the programme series highly enough).  DS1 also experimented with origami while DS 2 & 3 made some beautiful sticker pictures and ran around having fun with Mummy's tape measure.  Stars were dutifully awarded, lunch eaten, and off to the soft play zone we went :) Over three hours later, and three happily tired boys (plus one happily tired Mummy) came home for tea. 
Incidentally, I am SOOOO glad to have my car back!  I wasn't planning on it being a vital Home Ed Resource, but then again, I wasn't planning on it raining for forty days and forty nights either (OK I exaggerate - but I think I can be excused...?)
So, it wasn't a disaster that we went out later rather than sooner; the boys still had a good day... it just felt more like work than fun this morning, and structure or no structure, that doesn't figure in my hopes for Home Ed.  Anyway, I guess this is kind of  'part b' to yesterday's post: yes, structure can be a good thing, but it's also essential to stay flexible, or you just end up with a rod for your own back - & rods are not at all comfy!

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