Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sunny Day

Ah, what a lovely day :)
We started off the morning with the two youngest snuggling into bed with Mummy, and DS2 read DS3 a story :)  Initially DS2 said "this could be for my English star", which I agreed it could... and did he want to do his star chart today?  He promptly answered with a very clear "No."  It made me laugh - I didn't expect him to want to do it, just thought I'd ask as he was the one who brought it up!  In my mind I was ticking English off anyway ;)  DS3 then pootled off and I asked DS2 what he DID want to do today... he looked very thoughtful, then replied "playdough and computer stuff: Reading Eggs, MathsWhizz and GridClub".  Well, that was easy!  DS3 also wanted to do Playdough today - they played with it for a-g-e-s, while DS1 had a go on his MathsWhizz.  I had to ration them all to an hour each on the PC this morning, so DS2 only ended up doing MathsWhizz as he got so engrossed it lasted the whole hour.  DS3 spent his hour doing Reading Eggs (of course).  DS3 wasn't interested by Playdough today - but he did spend a long time in his room, happily constructing things with lego.  They then remembered that they had forgotten to play on the Wii yesterday (well, I wasn't going to remind them!  So on it went - but not for long as it was time for lunch.
After lunch DS1 (who had been hopefully watching the thermometer all day) announced that it had gone past 21C... (I said they could play water fights in the garden if it was warm enough, and that was the temperature we agreed on)  Unfortunately, all the old water guns had been broken, so I agreed they could spend their pocket money on some new ones, and off we popped to the shops.  An hour later (!)  we were back, and they promptly spent the reat of the afternoon shrieking with laughter (and the odd indignant yelp) and getting very wet.
What a lovely day!  Enough 'brain work' to satisfy me while it was still chilly outside, and then a blissful opportunity to enjoy the sun while their peers were still sat in a stuffy classroom :)  It made me grateful all over again for the amazing opportunities provided by Home Ed.  Let's face it, the sun hasn't made much of an appearance lately - I'm so glad we could grab the chance to enjoy it while we could :)  Happy, sunny day!

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