Saturday, 5 May 2012

trampoline day!

Ever since we made the decision to home educate, I have wanted a trampoline - for the boys, of course ;).  Actually, I have wanted one for a while as they are such an excellent way for children to expend a lot of energy safely at home - but the decision to home educate turned it from a nice idea to an essential in my mind: for those moments when the boys' energy gets too much to be contained within our own four walls ;).  Of course, we can go for walks etc, and often do - but for moments such as those when Mummy is cooking tea, to have the option of sending them into the garden to bounce off some energy seems invaluable now they're at home so much :)  Outdoor time really is essential for good health and parental sanity ;)
Anyway, we all know trampolines are not cheap, and we were not able to get one for a while... until this weekend.  This morning, hubby and my dad went to pick up an unwanted second-hand one that is now taking up most of the space in our garden (it's a 12-footer!!!)  Talk about happy boys...!  Happy, bouncy boys!  The only problem is, it didn't come with a safety net so the boys are restricted to bouncing one at a time for now - but we're hoping to get a safety net soon, and then my final piece of  'essential HE equipment' will be fully in place :)   For those who are interested, the list consisted of just four things: a working PC (we've kind of taken over the old home PC for HE); a table and chairs for them to use when they want to do desk work; (we had an old one in the attic, and managed to clear out enough space in the study so it had somewhere to go); filing drawers from the makers of Really Useful Box to keep their work in (the only thing we had to buy, but I'm glad we did as it's perfect for keeping their work books etc where they can find them); and a trampoline - yay for today!

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