Saturday, 21 July 2012

End-of-term Reports

I put a slightly facetious status on my Facebook page yesterday,  saying "well my children all got a glowing report from their teacher... maybe we ought to go and buy her a pressie... ;)" - and then I got to thinking... 'why not? It could be fun'  So, please excuse the shameless indulging in biased pride at my gorgeous boys, but here they are: our family's 'school reports' from the first term of home education (I was going to do three separate reports, which would have felt more 'authentic', but there would have been a lot of repetition, plus my document settings kept messing about, so this is the best I could do)...


OK so I really got into that - but once I started I just kept thinking of more and more things that we'd done - I'm sure there's loads that I've missed out still.  And the best thing is, all of this (or most of it at least) happened while we were deschooling!  I'm kind of overwhelmed by how much education has been going on under my nose!  The only problem is (if you can call it that), if this is the end of term, what about all the learning that is undoubtedly coming up over the summer holidays?  Maybe we'll have to have End-of-holiday Reports in September too!  It's fine if I do though - I can honestly say that (apart from the technical battle over document settings) I've never enjoyed writing school reports so much! :)

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