Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mess mess messy mess

One of the drawbacks of having a child (or three) who loves making collages, crafts and science experiments is that it really doesn't take long before your house is overrun with - ahem - fabulous creations!  Our house was in such a state by the end of this week that Hubby donned his superhero alter-ego this morning and took the boys out for breakfast and then to visit family, so I had chance to have a good tidy-up without the depressing knowledge that no matter where I was clearing, the boys were generating mess elsewhere :/

This afternoon they went out again for a bike-ride to the park.  We had wanted to go swimming, but I'm not keen on them getting cold and wet when they're still at the end of a cough & cold - so we waited until a break in the rain, and Daddy took them out on their bikes (it was actually quite warm when it wasn't raining).  They were really overdue time outside, thanks to being stuck indoors lately.  As Ross Mountney commented in a blogpost this week,  Leaping and Learning, time spent out of doors is always beneficial, on a whole range of levels - but thanks to this past week being very wet (and two of the boys being under-the-weather by the end of the week), we didn't get out much at all.  Consequently every square inch of the house has been used for exploring/ creating/ hands-on learning.  So I'm adding another benefit of getting into the fresh air outdoors: that the house is a bit less messy afterwards... unless you count the mud that gets trekked in after a lovely long woodland walk or bike ride of course...

So I don't have much to report today, because the boys have had a really lovely time off out with Daddy while Mummy did some serious sorting and cleaning (and cleared a bit more shelf space for our new books)!  I did make sure I got to do their bedtime stories etc though - I had to get my fix of snuggles!  And no, the house still isn't finished, but it's looking a lot better, so I'm sitting down with choc-ice and DVD now, in my lounge that may not be immaculate, but at least I can see the floor!

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