Sunday, 22 July 2012

Busy Weekend

That was one busy weekend! 
Yesterday morning was time with family, which is always lovely. Younget particularly enjoyed drawing pictures for his grandparents and great grandparents with his new farm stencils, and Eldest and Middle took their paper aeroplane book to show everyone (and make a couple more planes, of course)
In, the afternoon there was a bit of a conflict of interests as Youngest really wanted to go swimming, but the older two wanted to go to the cinema - so Hubby took Youngest to the pool, and I went to see "Ice Age 4" with Eldest and Middle (the last time we took Youngest to the cinema was not a great success as he doesn't do sitting still for long periods very well - I vowed then to leave it for at least a year until we tried again!)  So even though we weren't all together, we made the most of the afternoon and all had a good time at our respective venues :)
This morning we went to our church group and had a good play & chat with friends, and then this afternoon we went to meet the boys' auntie, uncle and cousin at a local dog show.  My niece had a go taking a dog around the agility ring, but the boys weren't interested, so I didn't push it.  Eldest was more keen on the Reptile stand, so next we went over and everyone got to hold a snake each.  The corn snake that Middle was holding was surprisingly fast, so I helped him as he looked a bit alarmed at how quickly it was moving... :)  Next we found an area where pony rides were on offer, and all the children had a go.  Youngest absolutely loved it: didn't bat an eyelid as he went around.  Middle wasn't so happy, but he did have a go, with me walking next to him.  It was really good that he persevered and had a go, although it didn't help that his horse was half-donkey with a definite stubborn streak & kept stopping to eat the grass!   Eldest was a long way up on his tall horse, and he kept saying 'it's a bit scary' but with a big grin on his face.  Following that there was a good leap about on the bouncy castle, and then it was time to bring three sweaty boys home (it actually got hot today, which took us by surprise - we're so unused to it!)
So - more family time together (outdoors in the sunshine!) and more new experiences.  Not all of the boys liked all of the experiences - but that's the point of it: if you don't have a try, you'll never know what you do or don't like!  That's education right there :)

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