Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I wasn't going to blog today, mainly because we've been busy & I'm still recovering from yesterday.  But my ten-year-old had other ideas, and presented me with his diary on his way to bed, asking me to put it in my blog.  So here I am, on behalf of my mini-blogger - just popping in to share his joy...

9th October

played Star Wars Lego with (Youngest)
Got dressed
Stink-bombed (Middle).  Fun FUN and more fun...  well getting dressed isn't fun.

Created recipe for (Eldest)-cake.  It is very chocolatey, yum yum.Now I need to tidy up.  COME ON NOW.  This Diary should be called the TIDY UP DIARY! "sigh"

I think that is such a fab little blog entry I'm going to leave it at that!  But for those who have been kind enough to ask: yes, I am feeling better than yesterday.  Not fully there, but much, much better!  Thank you for caring :)

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