Saturday, 6 October 2012

Getting there...

Happily, things seem to be improving here now, although it wasn't immediate.  I took Eldest to see the Doctor again first thing yesterday (was given a new prescription) while Hubby took Middle and Youngest to the soft play meet, and enjoyed meeting some of the lovely HE people I've been talking about.  Eldest really wilted when we caught up with them there though, and couldn't even handle sitting with us - he just needed to be at home, so he went back with Daddy, and I stayed to chat with my friends while the younger two played.  My painkillers seem to be working most of the time, so it was a nice time (trying not to think about Root Canal on Monday though). 

I'm relieved to say that Eldest's new prescription seems to be really helping now: he slept really well last night and is definitely looking brighter and showing interest in things again, hooray!  I can handle my own pain (admittedly with the help of drugs at the moment), but I really don't like my boys being so under-the-weather!

We were also cheered up yesterday evening by the delivery of our most recent Book People order.  I can't recommend this bargainiferous company enough... Eldest was very happy to receive a lovely set of ten Horrible Science books, Middle was really excited about his set of ten Star Wars readers books, and Youngest even got a bag included with his set of ten 'Winter Wonderland' picturebooks - he was thrilled :)  That was thirty books that cost us less than £30, and felt a like a bit of Christmas had come early - mind, it always does when we get new books :)  All of the books were delved into immediately, read for snuggly bedtime stories, and carried on with today - perfect!

Oh, and for further medicine, my most-loved of invisible friends, the Kitchen-fairy (who I suspect looks a little bit like my lodger) came and tidied the kitchen while I was asleep.  I LOVE the kitchen-fairy :)

So anyway, today has been a gentle day with Eldest and I needing to pace ourselves. We actually managed a bit of a lie-in this morning (!), followed by a lovely visit to family.  Then the boys had some nintendo time this afternoon while I had a good giggle with friends online - based largely around this most excellent book : Pants, by Giles Andrae and Nick Sharrat (it is one of our most read books here, and is so loved that we haven't ordered the sequel in case it just doesn't match up to the genius of its predecessor). I am getting restless though - gorgeous books & hilarious online chats notwithstanding, I really want to be outside, wandering in some misty Autumn woods!  Still, hopefully once Monday's over we'll be feeling more active again...


  1. Glad to hear Eldest is on the mend, and good luck at the dentist tomorrow! Tooth ache is the worst, so hope you feel better soon too!
    R x

  2. Thanks Rachel :) Eldest is definitely doing much better. I'm just back from dentist & feeling very sorry for myself - but at least that bit's over & done with now! :)