Sunday, 1 September 2013

Diary of a Home Ed Family... no longer a novice?

We've been home educating for 18 months now!  The longer we do it, the less inclined I am to ever pursue any other form of education... we just love it!  Growth does inevitably bring change though, including one that I've been putting off...

It was suggested to me several months ago that I don't really qualify as a novice any more, having spent over a year pondering, wobbling, questioning, vacillating, learning, retracing steps, challenging, growing...  and I have to admit that I am significantly more confident now than when we started.  I am in no way an expert, but despite my attachment to the blog that saw us through our most formative early years, I reluctantly accept that "Home Ed Novice" is a little misleading to anyone who hasn't come across my lil blog before now, and who hasn't followed our journey with us.


I am putting my beloved little Novice blog to bed.  I will not close it - all blog posts will stay put as long as Blogger/ Blogspot and the internet endure.  I don't feel right simply renaming it, just in case future novices ever search for blog posts on what the first months of HE are like... but I am starting a new blog, not very imaginatively called "Diary of a Home Ed Family".  Hopefully it is easy enough to find.  With huge thanks to the wonderful Lisa of An Ordinary Life (one of my very favourite Home Ed blogs), I have added a tab at the top of whichever blog you are in, so should you want to flip to the other, all you have to do is just click on the tab!  So clever!  Let me know if it works...?

For now though - huge love and thanks to everyone who has joined us on our journey - and special thanks to those of you who have been kind enough to take the time to comment - you have no idea how much you have encouraged me!  Here's hoping for every success for your family and mine as we start the next chapter together!

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  1. all the best for your new blog and thank you for all the encouragement you have given us with your honesty and creative ideas! xxx