Monday, 15 April 2013

Pros and Cons of Home Education - from the 'horses' mouths...

As we've recently past the first anniversary of starting our home education journey, we've been reflecting on our decision, and looking forward to what is coming next.  I know a few people who are investigating HE as an option right now, so I asked the boys if they could tell other people what the good and bad things are about being educated at home.  So here goes...

Eldest (11): I learn stuff on the computer instead of workbooks
I get to choose what I want to learn about and not just lots and lots of other boring stuff.
Home Ed makes learning fun.
Home Ed trips and clubs are really fun - we go to loads more than at school.
I like learning from the TV.
We can have pyjama days.
We can go on the trampoline whenever we like.

Middle (7): I like it at home school because we don't have to drive for so long.
I get to be with my family all the time.
I get to learn new stuff that I want to learn.
I love it cos my teacher is my Mum.
I like the groups that we go to.
I love baking at home.
We get lots of playtime
Youngest (4): We don't have to go to school. 
Home school is better than normal school.
School is a bit boring.

Between the three of them they could only think of one drawback to Home Ed, and that is that they don't get to see their friends every day.  But when I asked if that made them wish they were back at school the answer was a resounding "NO!"
And then I thought I'd add a few more of my own:
- children learn at their pace, when they are ready (this naturally seems to take the form of bursts of intense learning followed by times of slower, calmer periods where they absob and consolidate what they have learned, which can't really be catered for in school)
- absence of competition: peer pressure & league tables etc
- no homework battles!
- children's personalities flourish naturally
- the parent chooses how much is spent on resources etc, rather than being presented with a list of obligatory uniform, equipment, trips and 'suggested donations'

It's hard work at times, being a full-time mum & educator (totally worth it, of course - but I wanted to acknowledge that it's not necessarily the easy/ lazy way to go).

I'm sure there are other pros and cons according to others, but these are ours - for anyone interested, and also as a nice little record for me to enjoy of how happy the boys are :)  And now I'm off to chat with the boys about what they want to learn next (and also to clear space in the study for them to learn in... they do use the whole house in the course of HE, but the study is particularly loved because of the computer access ;) )  New term, here we come :)

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  1. fantastic! it is always great to see the kids so positive. you are doing a fab job - especially love the one about how much they love it that mum is also their teacher xxx